zephyr greyhaven

fine art

"Wiggle Tales" is one ferret's whimsical and imaginative story about pet abandonment, adventure in the wild, finding friendship, and discovering one's place in the world.

My wife and I have begun writing and illustrating the first book of this series; we expect to publish our story in the near future. 

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"The Language of Light" – a contemporary exploration of pattern, palette, light, and composition. Botanical landscape paintings.

Exhibited in the Tippetts Gallery, Logan, Utah, December 2017.

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I have always wished my paintings could move and glisten as if aglow.

Recently, I've begun experimenting with a new idea, allowing light and pattern to dance atop my work in looping videos.

So far, this has proven promising, and I have plans to reproduce this effect in real space, and not just on-screen.

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