Zephyr Greyhaven, MFA

I am an oil painter, illustrator, designer and an aspiring fiction writer. I received an MFA in Drawing and Painting from Utah State University in 2017 and continue to work out of my home studio in Virginia, where I live with my wife, Kelli.

I am passionate about the revival of aestheticism in art, design and architecture. I strive to create beautiful things that empower the human spirit and enrich conscious experience. 

Humanity is growing ever more disconnected with the natural world, ergo I feel that landscape painting is more important than ever. Botanical landscape painting is my attempt to exalt the world we are losing; it is my effort to exhibit the delicacy, tenacity, beauty and harmony of the interconnected web of life.

The continuation of my personal artwork is an ongoing pursuit for a deeper understanding of humankind’s place in the cosmos, of the spiritual connection that we yet retain with the Earth, of the miracle of life itself, and how to visualize these abstractions. It is an effort to elucidate the intangible experiences of heightened consciousness. I'm fascinated with the use of sacred geometry and the golden ratio in the planning of compositions and the forms of objects. My upcoming work will experiment with colorful, organic and hypnotic patterns across all visual layers, produce stronger rhythm in forms, and exhibit greater prismatic vibrations in light and in shadow.

Freelance Artist, Goldberry Studios LLC.

I am available as a freelance artist and graphic designer. I specialize in illustration, painting, vector graphics, and visual concept development. 

If you should need imagery created and you believe that my skillset could be of use to you, or you are interesting in commissioning a work, please contact me through FREELANCE.

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